A7 Mono Edition Specification

Recovery card details

Crypto Recovery Card Dimensions

Backup card design.

Crypto Recovery Words A7 Mono Edition backup card is the natural choice for the professional long term mnemonic seed phrase recovery storage. It out performs its competitors in all security and secure information storage requirements.

The laminated card is a weighty 350grms and it’s matt finish enable retention of your written recovery words without indenting the outer surfaces. There is ample room for both your 24 Seed Phrases and essential wallet/ backup information.

Card Front & Back

The Mono A7 Edition

The Mono A7 Edition backup card’s discrete and anonymous styling offers no hint of its cryptocurrency Recovery Words contents. The unique design provides extensive allocation for all your wallet’s sensitive backup information whilst protecting it from compromise and prying eyes.

Mono A7 Edition Dimensions: Recovery Words Card:

  • A6 folded to A7 : 74mmw x 105mmh

Security Storage

The Mono A7 Edition

The Mono A7 Edition backup card offers compact sized security storage for your hardware wallet’s Recovery Words. The double-sided clear self-sealing laminated pouch provides potential long-lasting water-resistant protection and our unique tamper proof envelope seal affords additional safeguards.

Mono A7 Edition Dimensions: Recovery Words Card:

  • Self Seal Laminate Pouch: 86mmw x 117mmh
  • Storage Envelope: C6/162mmw x 114mmh
  • Tamper Proof Envelope Seal: 20mm x 20mm