Never Do The Following

Keeping Your Recovery Words Safe

When you own crypto, what you really own are your Recovery Words (your private key) – Keeping it safe & secure is now simpler than ever. Our unique backup card offers a truly secure level of protection against theft. Our Crypto Recovery Words backup cards provides an affordable and simple option over the more expensive and cumbersome metal alternatives.

Never Do The Following

Crypto Recovery Words Security 101

When you use one or more of our Crypto Security Methods to fill in your Crypto Recovery Words backup card, you are no longer limited to using just a single backup card. You will be able to add your recovery phrase to as many as you want and leave them with trusted family and friends, your legal acquaintances and of course your personal hiding places without fear of loss of your coins.

With your Recovery Words Backup Card completed there is absolutely no need to copy your mnemonic seed phrase to any other medium. Please see the image below, which highlight the common mistakes that some people make.