Crypto Recovery Words Backup Cards are also available from eBay UK. Click here to view. They will shortly be listed on Amazon, but for now you can buy them here. We do not advertise. We do not activley advertise except of course here on our own website and much prefer to rely on the word-of-mouth [...]
Keeping Your Recovery Words Safe When you own crypto, what you really own are your Recovery Words (your private key) - Keeping it safe & secure is now simpler than ever. Our unique backup card offers a truly secure level of protection against theft. Our Crypto Recovery Words backup cards provides an affordable and simple [...]
2 SIMPLE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR RECOVERY WORDS SAFE Secure your Recovery Words and stop prying eyes from stealing your cryptocurrency with these simple tricks. Now you can have multiple copies of your backup card to reduce the chance of loss, theft or destruction of your Recovery Words. Example 1 EXAMPLE 1: WORD SWAP When [...]